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Webinar Title: Reshape your Marketing Strategies during Turbulent

Times of Covid-19

03 October 2020, Saturday; 14:00 – 14:45 BST

Speaker Name: Aqeela Rahman

Job Title: CEO, Founder 

Organization: Cubent Services


During this pandemic Covid-19, traditional brick & mortar, business is severely affected. Our culture, commerce and community is changed. Businesses moved to new digital transformation world, this digital transformation that has to happen in next 10 years, occurred now. This webinar explains new marketing strategies to reshape your business during Covid-19. Marketing is the best tool to reach the target audience and it is the most important gadget for any business [brand / company] to grow. Digital Marketing replaces Traditional Marketing and now Digital Marketing is used at larger scale than it was before, especially Covid-19 event boosted its activities, when the human beings are not in contact with others in person. The webinar explains well pay per click advertising, Search Engine Optimization Techniques (SEO), Compelling Digital Display campaigns, email-marketing campaigns, optimizing social media campaigns. You will learn to create digital marketing strategy for your business. As without right marketing strategies, it is completely out of reach to meet your business goals.


Speaker CV:

Aqeela has broad experience in business development, marketing, risk management and analysis, leadership and strategy management. She is qualified Business Development Consultant and her expertise are in organizational design & strategy. She enriches of analytical and strong relationship management skills. She works with leading business advisors with companies across UK and Pakistan. She challenges herself and mentors others to achieve their own success. She has delivered keynote speeches on Organisational Intelligence, Leadership Strategies, personal and entrepreneurial branding in Pakistan and UK. After completing her MSc Degree in Risk Management and Modeling, Brunel University, London, she joined OptiRisk Systems UK as Business Development and Marketing Consultant in February 2011.. During her job, she worked very closely with clients like IBM, Bloomberg, BBC, Thomson Reuters, Eurostar, Dow Jones, Barclays UK and many others. She did Entrepreneur Learning from Cambridge Judge Business School in 2012.

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Webinar Title: Fooling Neural Network Classifiers

15 October 2020, Thursday, 14:00 – 14:45 BST

Speaker Name: Hatem Hajri

Job Title: Senior Research Scientist

Organization: Institut de recherche technologique SystemX, PALAISEAU, France


Robustness of machine learning models is a key issue in several domains such as defense and security. Indeed neural network classifiers are known to be vulnerable to malicious adversarial perturbations of inputs including those modifying a small fraction of the input features named sparse attacks. In this talk we start by reviewing standard methods to fool neural network classifiers. Then, we restrict our attention to sparse attacks, explain their main motivations and give several examples of them.

In a second part of the talk, we introduce new sparse attacks and illustrate their merits through several comparisons with the-state-of-the-art methods. A main focus will be put on the speed of the new attacks and their adaptability to real time testing of neural networks under the sparse assumption. Illustrations will be provided on three different datasets: the MNIST digit dataset, the CIFAR-10 RGB images and the GTSRB  traffic signs images. The main reference to this talk is  Probabilistic Jacobian-based Saliency Maps Attacks available on arxiv.

Speaker CV:

Hatem Hajri is a Senior Research Scientist at IRT SystemX, where he mainly works on robustness and adversarial attacks of artificial intelligence-based systems. Previously, he held three teaching and research positions as University Paris 10, Luxembourg University, and University of Bordeaux, where he worked on various problems of stochastic analysis and graphical models, and at the VeDeCoM Institute at Versailles, France, where he conducted research on autonomous driving. He earned the French agrégation of mathematics and his MS and PhD degrees in applied mathematics at Paris Sud University, France.


Webinar Title: “Human Centred Perspective on the Pros and Cons of Developments in AI

12 November 2020, Thursday, 14:00 – 14:45 BST

Speaker Name: Duncan McCann

Job Title: Senior Researcher

Organization:  New Economics Foundation / City, University of London, UK

Duncan McCann is a Senior Researcher at the New Economics Foundation & Research Fellow at City, University of London. He currently works in the digital economy and looks at the impact of data and future of work. He also works on rethinking money, land & housing crisis and Social Wealth Funds. He works with communities as building the knowledge and local currencies. Duncan is co-author of “People Powered Money” and lead researcher on “Rethinking the Economics of Housing & Land” and is about to publish paper “People’s Land Trust”.

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