How AI is Accelerating Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Just summarizing a little background of Artificial intelligence (AI). AI simulates human intelligence in the programmed machines that think like humans and copy their actions. These machines using AI exhibit traits associated with a human mind such as learning and problem solving. When you think of Artificial Intelligence that can perform the task that normally human intelligence does. The best characteristic of artificial intelligence is its ability to rationalize and take actions that have the best chance of achieving a specific goal.

In our previous blogs, we have discussed in detail about Artificial Intelligence, its role in Finance, Agriculture, in cashless society, and developing secured & safer artificial superintelligence techniques. This blog explains how Artificial Intelligence accelerates Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

There is no doubt today that the implementation of Artificial Intelligence techniques and tools have become more significant after this pandemic Covid-19.

Digital Marketing Background:

Marketing is the best tool to reach the target audience and it is the most important gadget for any business [brand / company] to grow. Better marketing drives leads that convert into greater sales and give greater profit. Digital Marketing replaces Traditional Marketing and now Digital Marketing is used at larger scale than it was before especially Covid-19 event boosted its activities, when the human beings are not in contact with others in person. Digital Marketing basis on digital technologies such as computers, smart phones and other digital media platforms to promote products and services. Its development started during the 1990s and revolutionized in 2000s. Digital Marketing changed the shopping processes, way of brands and businesses use technology for marketing. After Covid-19 incident who brought dramatic changes in human lifestyle and business activities, during this time Digital Marketing hits at the top. Digital platforms becomes increasingly into marketing plans and every day’s life and as people increasingly use digital devices [smart phones, laptops, computers, tablets/IPads etc.] for their shopping rather than visiting physical shops. This significant change effected digital marketing enormously. Digital Marketing campaigns became widespread, employing combinations of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Affiliate Marketing (AM), Network Marketing (NM), Content Marketing (CM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing (EM) and display advertising.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is that platform where the people socialize with one and other over internet without physical presence. Within passage of your time, and specifically after Covid-19, use of social media platforms is enormously increased. This Social Media Platform provides opportunity to the businesses to interact directly with customers and build awareness of their brands.

AI and Digital Marketing

In the world of digital marketing, AI streamlines and optimizes marketing campaigns and activities. AI technology also eliminates the chance of human error. While much of the digital marketing world is much hooked in to human ingenuity, an AI program could ready to generate a report using nothing but data.

Artificial Intelligence changes the face of Digital Marketing:

From Google’s searches to Voice search, personalized recommendations by Amazon, AI changed the face of the Digital landscape. AI includes a deeper understanding and analysis of information and input AI is seizing the human role in identifying marketing trends. Marketers and brands are incorporating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to save lots of time and resources.

It helps you to understand your business audience better, as AI analyzes the information by the buying behaviors and decisions of the target market that gives an improved opportunity to the purchasers what they really need. With AI’s data-driven analysis, you will now create simpler marketing strategies for your business

AI Increases Productivity:

AI can automate variety of repetitive tasks. This could facilitate your increase productivity. Joe McKendrick of Forbes says, “more than half decision makers (51%) admit that cost reduction is that the area where AI is delivering first.” AI is simultaneously helping businesses to drive revenue by reducing cost and saving money.

Increase Return on Investment:

AI empowers decision-making and helps to make better-performing content. Implementing AI in digital marketing strategies will facilitate your reach resolute the correct audience that may result high return on investment.

Applications of AI in Digital Marketing:

Artificial Intelligence can now personalize content supported customer behavior and first choice.

AI Boosts up Content Marketing:

Machines can now create contents from scratch supported data fed to them. This is often very helpful in saving time and resources. AI helps content marketers to write down the simplest contents for their marketing campaigns supported their target audience’s buying behavior and search trends. By use of AI, content marketing campaigns are fed tailor made contents consistent with the need of their customers. Smart content marketers have become high user of AI tools. As AI boosts the sales conversion rate and engagement of consumers at bigger scale.

Product Recommendation:

Google’s algorithm, RankBrain pays close attention to what people actually want after they search. Over the years, the algorithm got smarter in analyzing and expecting what users are attempting to find. Not just creating content but helping recommending products and services supported the user’s search, interest and behavior. Artificial Intelligence rightfully understands the behavior of the targeted audience and what is better than finding the proper products or services that you simply are already viewing. Use of AI Chatbots:

We are responsive to automated responses employed by most of the companies to resolve customer queries and employed in data collection, keeping the audience updated about products and services. They serve clients 24/7 and retain their data for future use.

Predictive Analysis:

Artificial Intelligence uses data to create probable future projections. Predictive analysis is simply the utilization of information, statistical algorithms, and machine learning.

Digital Advertising:

Digital Advertising is widely using Artificial Intelligence to confirm maximum success; it's being employed across all platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram to produce the simplest possible experience. Analyzing user information like gender, age, interest, and other aspects to point out them relevant ads. Let us take an example of google AdSense: once you write a blog in keeping with a particular keyword AI Analyses the keyword research and show the relevant ads in step with the keyword research to seek out targeted audience and save your money and time.

Online Searches:

The way of searching content has changed and marketers will have to create and alter content accordingly to the searches. Innovations include Voice Search and Google’s algorithm and other AI advances. Other innovations include Amazon Echo, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google Home where they will perform searches just by voice command or pressing a button.

Email Marketing:

Businesses are modifying emails to succeed in their audience with the ability of AI.

What else may change?

While the event of technology suggests AI could have a bigger role to play in marketing over the course of the subsequent decade, it is hard to always take care what exactly it will be for all manner of reasons: • Recent economic and political history has shown that sudden and unexpected events can bring major changes, from the 2008-09 depression to the present COVID-19 pandemic. • COVID-19 has made more people reliant on the web, which could accelerate moves towards more automated and IT-based social and economic interaction. • Disruptive technology may emerge that acts as an example shift in how people act, much within the way that radio, television and also the internet did. For all of these reasons, guesses should be treated with caution. However, what does seem clear is that AI already is involved marketing; there is a minimum of the potential for it to require on a massively expanded role between now and 2030.

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