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Boosting the Businesses during and after the Covid-19 Pandemic: The New Landscape


Boosting the Businesses during and after the Covid-19 Pandemic:

The New Landscape: Workshop

10 April 2021; Lahore, Pakistan


Micro, small and medium-sized companies and their employees are hard-hit by the present COVID-19 outbreak and related fiscal downturn. In response to these crises, workers, employers, governments and private organizations, enterprises and other businesses need the right strategies to guide and help them boosting their businesses. The organisations need guidance to get the right and effective tools to help them deliver on their strategic ambitions. The most successful businesses today develop strategies that will help them face the challenges of this pandemic. The enterprises need strategies to minimize the negative impacts, managing the business operations that leads towards business growth. This course will equip you with the tactics you need to minimize further disruption, understand and take advantage of new opportunities arising during Covid-19. In short, the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated trends and upturned business usual strategies and practices. The programme will provide you a toolkit that will guide you through how to assess your business health today and identify alternative pathways to gain or grow your business during the pandemic. In this programme, you will follow repeatable steps that you can use to analyze how your business is responding to changes according to current market conditions and identify how to use your strengths to connect the opportunities.


What will you take away with you?

  • Self-assess the health of your business in key areas of cash, profitability and management

  • Identify strategies for managing cashflow and debt during periods of low revenue 

  • Identify a distinctive path to sustain or grow your business during a crisis moment 

  • Recognize the opportunities, capabilities, partners and assets are necessary to prepare your business for unforeseen challenges  

  • Use different scenarios to assess how the COVID-19 pandemic might impact your business in future

  • Diagnose how pandemic has effected your business

  • Linking Technology and the Business Markets


Hands on Sessions:

  1. Process Mapping for boosting your business

  2. Customer Journey Map

  3. Business Model Canvas

  4. Strategic Positioning

Boosting the Businesses during and after the Covid-19 Pandemic: The New Landscape

10 April 2021; Lahore Pakistan

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Speaker’s Profile:

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Mrs. Aqeela Rahman

MSc Risk Management (Brunel, London); MBA (LHE); MSc (LHE); Entrepreneur Learning (Judge Business School; Cambridge University), CEO and Founder: Cubent Ltd

Aqeela is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cubent Ltd (UK) and Cubent Services Ltd (Pakistan). After completing her MSc Degree in Risk Management and Modeling, Brunel University, London, Aqeela joined OptiRisk Systems as Business Development and Marketing Consultant in February 2011. She had been actively involved in lead generation, identification of business growth areas, brainstorming on new business opportunities and following up with customers on various business engagements with OptiRisk, UK. During her job, she worked very closely with clients like IBM, Bloomberg, BBC, Thomson Reuters, Eurostar, Dow Jones, Barclays UK and many others. She did Entrepreneur Learning from Cambridge Judge Business School in 2012. She had previously worked as an Administrator for FIFA, as a Credit and Customer Service Officer at MCB Bank and as a Lecturer in Physics.

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She has broad experience in business development, marketing and credit risk management and analysis, leadership and strategy management. She is qualified Business Development Consultant and her expertise are in organizational design & strategy. She enriches of analytical and strong relationship management skills. She works with leading business advisors with companies across UK and Pakistan.

Aqeela challenges herself and mentors others to achieve their own success. She extended her talent way beyond and started as doyen of self-help and personal development. Personally, she thrives with challenges that improve the way things are done whilst transferring this knowledge to others. She has delivered keynote speeches on Organisational Intelligence, Leadership Strategies, personal and entrepreneurial branding in Pakistan and UK.

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