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Cubent provides focused services to create high-performance culture in working atmosphere of public and private sectors. We can help you to make your products and services smarter and improve your clients’ experience. We will guide you to achieve fair and workable outcomes for you and your employees.Your business model is extremely linked with the process that what you pay, what are your resources and workforce structure. Cubent will improve your business process. Cubent will assist you in a broader way, working with many different people of your organisation to understand the working mechanism and will make a strategy plan to cost levers, to enhance savings and position your business growth and support your workforce to work according to Cubent’s strategy plans, so that the your company target [mission and vision] will be achieved. Cubent will deliver exceptional value to clients, empower the people. Cubent works for pricing & develops innovation strategy for your organisation. Cubent has a disciplined approach to pricing strategy & innovations in technology. These are two underutilized instruments that can help companies in seeking to accelerate their margin growth. We tell the clients what they want to hear instead of what they should hear. Cubent creates level of trust with their clients and we provide the development of integrated services and solutions to our clients.


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​Cubent prepares your business for a bright future of work. We are ready to help you

anticipate the workforce changes ahead and guide you to implement the new rising technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

How Cubent can help you to develop AI for your business: 

Cubent develop AI software that discover new business opportunities for you by

making your products, goods and services more intelligent and efficient. Our AI development experts will help you use your data to improve your business growth and make smarter decisions. We provide focused services to Artificial Intelligence.

Business Analytics Course

Business Analysis Foundation Training and Exams:

What are the objectives of this course? Define business analysis and learn more about what it entails. Understand more about the competencies of a business analyst. Get to grips with strategy analysis. Work your way through the business analysis process model and the various investigative techniques that are used. Take a look at strategy analysis and management. Learn how to model business systems and processes. Demonstrate how to gather, document, manage, model and deliver the various requirements that have been established. Learn how to make a business and financial case and appreciate how changes in a business can be implemented in order to see successful improvement. Who is it intended for.

Marketing Analytics

Price and Promotion Analytics

Learn how to use price and promotion analytics to effectively allocate your marketing budget to maximize profits. About this course In this marketing course, you will learn how to price your offerings, as well as how to allocate your scarce marketing budget among different promotion vehicles to maximize their overall impact in the organization. You will also learn how to select prices to maximize profits or fulfill other specific company objectives.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Measurement Strategies 2020

Learn the best approaches and practices for marketing measurement, including how to use metrics to measure success. About this course. Begin your journey in a new career in marketing analytics. Learn about powerful strategies and methodology, starting with identifying market trends and metrics used to measure marketing success. In this marketing course, you will learn how to execute market sizing, identify market trends, and predict future conditions.

I have seen the significant impact of consultancy that Cubent Services has made to its parent company High Tech Network Ltd . Cubent has the rare ability to approach issues and opportunities with a very open mind and is not afraid to challenge the status.

Jamil Ahmed Mayo

Chief Executive Officer

HNL (Pvt) Ltd


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